The Melatonin Sleep Aid YOU Need.



A hormone already produced by the body to regulate your sleep cycle and natural circadian rhythm.


An amino acid that slows down the communication between your brain and nervous system, helping you power down for the night.


A natural mineral that helps with insomnia by regulating the sympatheic and parasympathetic nervous systems, calming brain activity.


An amino acid found commonly in tea leaves that promotes relaxationm eases stress, and helps unwind.

Let's Hear from our Customers!

Sleep for Students

Quality sleep is essential for any student to succeed. In fact, sleep deprivation negatively affects grades more than drugs or alcohol! MeloShot is the perfect solution for high school and college students to effectively get sleep in their busy schedules.

Perfect for Jet Lag

Jet lag can cause decreased productivity and interrupts your body's natural sleep cycle, making it harder to fall asleep for nights to come. Frequent flyers can easily travel with our TSA-compliant MeloShot sleep aid, so say goodbye to those sleepless airplane rides!